Our Story

The Power of Dreams

Although we’ve been working with crystals over a decade, our true journey in the world of crystals began only five years ago, when we decided to open a temple for holistic healing — a chamber with thousands of crystals!

We had the vision but it took quite a time before we finally found the right partner who would provide us with beautiful, natural and raw crystals of the size we had imagined! We then went along and placed a huge order!

When crystals arrived from the heart of India, the temple was ready to be built!

It took six full months to build the first healing crystal chamber of this era. The outcome left us speechless.

Until now, thousands of people have visited and enjoyed our crystal chamber. Stories about this miraculous place have spread across many countries in the world. 

In the crystal chamber there are seven types of crystals that support our seven main chakras. These crystals are clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, pink quartz, citrine, carnelian and smoky quartz.

The power of crystals is amplified by the light that’s projected through them. The light works as a natural laser when directed through the crystals and it magnifies the energy body’s ability to balance, cleanse and heal itself.

The light also changes colors which is known to have an effect on our mood and well-being. While it’s not possible for everyone to own a crystal chamber — you can still enjoy “a piece of it” and its miraculous effects in the comfort of your own home. 

We spent three years developing our lamps — and our final product boasts high quality materials, design, and technical features. Our lamps are a combination of the ancient power of natural crystals and carefully chosen natural materials — with innovative light solutions.

We invite you to experience our high vibrational, handcrafted & modern lighting therapy lamps — each a unique expression of its artist.