Why should I want a Crystal Lights lamp?

Crystal lamp is a good companion and a great addition to everyone’s home.

Crystals are known for radiating high vibrational energy with all kinds of different impacts. With thousands of crystals carefully combined and light shown through, you can expect this energy to be amplified and turn your home into a sacred space which is uplifting, grounding or tuning you in to some other kind of vibration, which is of your choice. Crystals are like your friends. Some fill you up with inspiration, some help to build up your self esteem. Or open your heart. What ever is the case for you – crystals have got it all covered. You will probably feel intuitively which crystal wants to work with you by being most attracted to one specific crystal (or many).

In todays world where we’re often surrounded by chaotic and low vibrational energies, having a crystal lamp by your side can be like a blessing. It’s always there for you and willing to share its unconditional love with you. It’s like a having golden retriever, only without all the hair 🙂 The energy of crystals can make you feel “like home” and you may discover that you intutively want to turn on the lamp more often, move it to another room if you plan to spend there more time etc. It just grows into you, the more you get to know each other. Crystals are living beings.

It’s difficult to truly express in words why one should want a crystal lamp, but what we can say by our own experiences and the ones of our customers, is that you will probably feel the difference if you try to live without a crystal lamp after having been living with one. It’s like having an important family member moved out. There’s a feeling of emptiness and you kind of miss them. You feel like you are home alone all of a sudden. With crystal lamp you often times don’t feel like that.

The more you interact with your crystals (the ones you have at your house and the ones that are on your lamp) the more beneficial this relationship will be for you. For example, if you program your citrines to help you with self confidence, then these will be the areas in your energy field these crystals will be working on the most. So when you walk into the presence of the lamp or just glance at it, the crystals will be reminding you: “You’ve got this!” and continuously write over the patterns in your energy field that make you think and feel otherwise. The more you spend time in the embrace of this army of high frequency beings, the more they have the opportunity to organize the mess in your energy field, release the blockages, raise your vibration etc. Their work is quiet but noticeable.

We were really happy to hear how one of our clients summed this all up: “Life before a crystal lamp is possible, but life after a crystal lamp is not.” You will survive, of course, but you will probably be always remembering the good times that you two had.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the lamps are beautiful to look at too! 😉 You can never have too much beauty in your life (or home).