Small Crystal Lamps

Our small crystal lamps are 38cm (15 in) in height and are made of approx. 800 natural, raw and hand-chosen crystals.

Small crystal lamps add a special touch to any room. They are suitable for the home (in bedrooms, childrens’ rooms, etc) as well as therapy rooms and smaller offices – wherever one feels they could benefit from the vibration-raising effect of hundreds of crystals.

Crystal lamps help to cleanse auras, clear space, remove stagnant energy and create loving, harmonious atmospheres. They bring calming and revitalizing energy to their surroundings.

Choose your favorite pattern, adorned with the crystals that you most resonate with.

Medium Crystal Lamps

Our medium crystal lamps are 70cm (27,6 in) in height and are made of approx. 2,500 natural, raw and hand-chosen crystals.

Take your meditation, yoga or healing practice to a whole new level — by bathing in the energy of thousands of crystals. Our medium crystal lamps are ideal for home, therapy rooms, yoga studios, meditation halls, offices — you name it.

In workplaces, crystal lamps help to create a constructive and balanced atmosphere, while attracting abundance and radiating frequencies of dignity and prestige. At home, crystal lamps help create calming, nurturing atmospheres.

Big Crystal Lamps

Our big crystal lamps are 100cm (39,4 in) in height and are made of approx. 3,500 natural, raw and hand-chosen crystals.

Big crystal lamps with dimmable light are suitable for spacious rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, lobbies, & showrooms. In fact, they are suitable for anywhere you would like to to bring in more love and light in elegant style.

Our big crystal lamp collection is for the biggest crystal lovers out there, those that just can’t get enough.

Big crystal lamps help create constructive and balanced atmospheres, accelerating the attraction of abundance and refreshing the energy of any space.

Crystal Point Lamps

Crystal point lamps are 70cm (27,6 in) in height and are made of approx. 2,000 natural, raw and hand-chosen crystals.

Crystal point lamps are ideal for inducing heightened concentration in your home and office spaces. Their pointed shape is known to assist in studying & focus capabilities, making them perfect for students, intellectual workers, & spiritual seekers, to name a few.

When partaking in your spiritual practices (i.e yoga, meditation, energy healing, channeling, astral projection, lucid dreaming, etc) — try connecting with your lamp first, and asking for the crystals to support you. These lamps are designed for such work! The crystals are always ready to become a part of your journey.

What Sets Us Apart?

Tailor-Made for You

Each lamp is uniquely handcrafted by the faces behind the brand (yes, one of us) from the creative heart of Estonia.

Free Shipping

You don't need to pay a cent to get your package. We deliver it to your doorstep with a high priority shipping service.

Guaranteed Quality

We only use real natural crystals, best quality oak and high end German LED solutions. You really get what you pay for.

Crystal Art


Our featured artists have been using crystals to create rare, extravagant works of art. Our crystal art, the majestic wall decorations, bring a unique and uplifting flair into any room. Each work of mosaic crystal art is truly a one-of-a-kind creation and serves as a magnificent gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Please check back soon for photos of these featured works for sale.