Our Crystal Lamps

Our crystal lamps are originally designed and handcrafted by using real raw crystals.

Because of the handmade nature each of our lamps is unique and different from one another. Every lamp contains a carefully and cognitively selected combination of rough crystals which are organized into specific designs. Every single crystal has been put into place charged with respect, admiration and love. Together, the crystals, figures and light form a whole which is extremely supporting for a human being in multiple ways.

All our crystal lamps boast a beautiful & natural oak stand. For lighting, we use premium quality Paulmann LED solutions with remote control functions. The remote control enables you to alter brightness as well as switch between a wide range of static and dynamic lighting effects!

In our lamps we have combined the ancient power of natural crystals, minimalistic design and very carefully chosen natural materials with the innovative light solution. The result is an exclusive, handcrafted and modern lighting collection in which every exemplar is unique, expressing the energy and endeavour of the artist.

Our crystal lamps are perfect for homes and therapy rooms, as well as public areas and offices. A lamp selected for a workplace helps to generate a constructive and balanced atmosphere emitting and attracting the vibrations of wealth, abundance and dignity. The warm glow of a home lamp creates a relaxing, stress-free and fresh space.
A crystal lamp in a room helps to uphold the energy of love, harmony and understanding assisting us to stay centered, think clearly and act efficiently.

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