Caring For Your Crystal Lamp

Like most exquisite and beautiful art, a certain amount of care is required to extend the lifespan of your crystal lamp.

Cleansing Your Lamp

In order for your crystal lamp to best serve you — it is best practice to first cleanse and program your lamp for your highest good

The purpose of cleansing is to purify, honor and respect the stones by recognizing the vast journey they have withstand before they found you. 

Good ways to cleanse your lamps are:

1. Smudging

This practice involves burning incense, white sage and/or palo santo and cleansing the lamp with the resulting smoke.

Move the burning substance spirally around the lamp, from bottom to top. Let the smoke envelop the lamp completely. While doing so, you can declare out loud or internally:

I cleanse you from all foreign energies and welcome you into this room.

2. Sound

You can also cleanse your lamp by using Tibetan bells (Tingshas) or Tibetan singing bowls. Likewise the sound of your own voice and the use of sacred chants will hold the programming.

When cleaning crystals with sound, make a request for cleansing and let the sound waves clean both the lamp and yourself. The sound waves will clarify the entire space and everything contained therein — all at once.

Trust your intuition regarding the duration of your cleansing ceremony. Typically, 5-10 minutes is enough.


Setting your lamp outside overnight under the high-octane energy of the full moon can be most purifying as it clears and programs any crystal for extra vitality.

The moon as a feminine energy supports you with spiritual and emotional healing.

But please note, keep your lamp in a safe location where moisture cannot harm it.

3. SUN

As the moon, also the sun needs to be recognised as a great potent for healing energy. By charging your crystals in the direct sunlight — outside is better than through the windows — will super-charge your crystals and give them drive and focus.

The sun as a masculine energy is better suited for programming. The solar energies support you with goals that require momentum and call attention to your endeavors.

But please note, keep your lamp in a safe location where moisture cannot harm it.

Programming Your Crystal Lamp

You can program your lamp so that it cooperates with you and serves you in the best possible way!

Programming your lamp is best done right after cleansing.

First, generate a clear vision of the kind of assistance & support you wish to receive from your lamp. The more precisely you express your request, the greater the effect of your intention-setting will be.

Declare your intention in your mind or speak it out loud, directing it to your crystal lamp. For example:

I program you to support concentration and peace of mind in me and all that inhabit in this room. Thank you.

You can program your lamp to support clarity, healing, love, abundance, harmony, or anything else you desire to bring forth into your life.

Trust your intuition when forming and expressing your intent.

Crystals respond to your thoughts and intentions, and you can reprogram your lamp at any time. 

To do this, request that your lamp release all of its old programming. Cleanse your lamp by smudging or with use of sound — then set your new intentions for it.

Best Times for Cleansing

A good time to cleansing your crystal lamp is after any disharmonious interactions or when you feel as if tense energies have taken place in its vicinity.

Smudge or sound bathe the crystal, and thank them for the work they have done in benefiting your life.

In case of reprogramming, you can reaffirm your original intentions for the lamp, or state new ones!

We recommend you to keep your crystal lamp and crystal art from extensive contact with moisture and clean the dust with a brush.