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Feel the truth.

The lamps are magical! Not only that they are so fabulous – the vibrational influence of the lamp is very much felt in the room right from the first moment. The special feeling of elevation, focus and peace fills the space in which the crystal lamp is casting its magical light. You can look at it for hours, enjoying its beauty and feeling yourself heal inside at the same time. Having a crystal lamp in a room makes concentrating, calming down and healing so much easier. It fills me up with trust, hope and gratitude. There is life before a crystal lamp and life with it, no other options. What a wonderful co-creation of nature and man! πŸ™‚
Kaia Kullamaa
February 6, 2018
I have a lamp with amethyst and rose quartz crystals at home. This lamp has a very pleasant calming and grounding energy. It works really well in a room where I do meditation and heal people with my hands. Ever since I moved this lamp into my bedroom, I see very positive and interesting dreams each night. I usually prefer the lamp with no lights on, but my grandchildren always turn them on. We have discovered that the smaller children who don't usually want to go to sleep at nights calm down and fall asleep very easily in the presence of this lamp. At darker times the lamp is turned on the whole time and radiates an enjoyable gentle and calming light.
Riina Uska
March 3, 2018
We've had this lamp in our home for about a year now. When I brought it home, my children were pretty much against it. They said, β€žMom, if you don't have a place where to put your money, you can always give it to us!β€œ Today this lamp is a very important detail in our home – it's light up each night. I have noticed that turning on the lamp is one of the very first things that we always do when we get home (in the dusk). The crystal lamp is also a design element for the home – the lamp is big! Furthermore, the lamp has many different color effects. There's nothing to do – the lamp attracts the eye and everyone wants to β€žplayβ€œ with it a little. But without an exception this always ends with the lamp wanting peace – which means no color music. The burbly change of the colors doesn't match well with the harmonious energy that the lamp is emitting. It also seems that this lamp has had a good effect on the many flowers that we have in our room. The flowers that were a little faded before have become lushly blossoming house plants. In conclusion – the crystal lamp is an important part of our home. And now no-one is asking that mom – didn't you have anywhere to put your money?!
AIgi Sinisalu
March 11, 2018
My experience with crystal lamps began after setting up some of them in my appartment few months ago. I must say, they really "woke up" the place in a good sense. It`s just so easy to create a suitable atmosphere, matching your current mood or mind state, by changing colour and work cycles. They are really unique and "cool" design element and I just love the "wow" effect, they are causing among people visiting my home, making a really neat conversation piece as well. If trying to describe my experience from a bit more meaningful level, I`d say that I`ve become more engaged, while meditating with lamps. Also I`ve noticed my intuition improving and overall becoming more present with my everyday life. But every experience is personal, so I would encourage everyone to find out themselves and discover the magic of crystal lamps!
Andrus NΓ΅mmik
February 14, 2018