Growth in the Space of Love


  • Crystals used: rose quartz, green aventurine
  • Approx. 2,500 raw and natural crystals
  • Tailor-made for you — each crystal lamp is unique
  • Designed and assembled in Estonia

Growth in the Space of Love crystal lamp helps to invoke a powerful energy of rejuvenation, lightness, soft love and youthful enthusiasm. This crystal lamp brings a bright and optimistic mood and loving embrace to all in its orbit.

The creation of each crystal lamp takes approximately 1-3 weeks. If in stock, it will typically be shipped within 1-2 days.


Green sprouts of aventurines symbolize growth, development, and evolution on the pattern of Growth in the Space of Love Crystal Lamp. This plant motif represents the eternal longing for growth and one’s movement towards perfection and maturity.

Benefits of Crystals Used

With joyful spirit and assertiveness, the green crystal vines shoot for the sun through the bright and airy atmosphere of rose quartz crystals.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It helps in opening one’s heart chakra — enabling them to receive love in all forms. Rose quartz is also known to alleviate stress and induce creativity.

Green aventurine emits vibrations of well-being and prosperity, generating clarity and peace of heart. Fuchsite amplifies the energies of other stones, releases blockages and supporting spiritual growth.

To learn more, please see our Guide to Crystals → or our Guide to Lighting →


Remote Control

Crystal Fragment Size

avg. 1-3 cm / 0,4-1,2 in


70 cm / 27,6 in

Lighting Solution

Paulmann LED with dimmable white light

Number of Crystals

approx. 2,500 ± 5-15%

Oak Stand

25×25 cm / 9,8×9,8 in


approx. 16 kg / 35,3 lbs