Moon Goddess


  • Crystals used: citrine, moonstone, carnelian, smoky quartz
  • Approx. 2,500 raw and natural crystals
  • Tailor-made for you — each crystal lamp is unique
  • Designed and assembled in Estonia

Moon Goddess Crystal Lamp is great to create a space of love, sensuality, fertility, harmony, and abundance. Let the mysterious energies of the Moon Goddess humbly guide you in discovering the deepest longing of your innocent heart.

The creation of each crystal lamp takes approximately 1-3 weeks. If in stock, it will typically be shipped within 1-2 days.


Since ancient times, the rhomb has been a symbol of fertility. The rhomb is comprised of two triangles placed against one another, one representing the feminine force and the other representing the masculine force.  The spot in the middle of the square marks the semen — the grain, the new beginning.

Let the energies of the Moon Goddess Crystal Lamps envelop you. The carnelians on this crystal lamp form the sacred rhomb symbol — and radiate vitality and sensuality — while glimmering moonstone fills the pattern with potent magic.

Surrounding the rhomb is abundant citrine and balancing smoky quartz.

Benefits of Crystals Used

Carnelian helps to strengthen internal power, fostering warmth and support in one’s heart. This stone carries the energies of Aboriginal Maternity and it assists in communicating with one’s Inner Child. Carnelian also balances the sacral chakra, assisting in the release of negative emotions like sadness and fear.

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It balances masculine and feminine energies as well as the emotional body — helping to relieve stress in the system. Moonstone also heals the bloodstream as well as the lymphatic and hormonal systems.

Citrine is a powerful crystal of abundance that is used to attract prosperity, wealth, and all good things. It helps one connect with their Inner Divinity and deepest core. Citrine is a powerful cleanser that opens and balances the solar plexus and calms down the feelings of fear, depression and nervousness.

Smoky quartz is a healing and anchoring stone that supports the root chakra — it also serves as an effective stress reliever. This stone assists in the releasing of outdates habits and patterns — helping to resolve and alleviate disharmony, inconsistency, and communication challenges.

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Remote Control

Crystal Fragment Size

avg. 1-3 cm / 0,4-1,2 in

Lighting Solution

Paulmann LED with dimmable white light

Number of Crystals

approx. 2,500 ± 5-15%

Oak Stand

25×25 cm / 9,8×9,8 in


approx. 16 kg / 35,3 lbs


70 cm / 27,6 in