• Crystals used: clear quartz, citrine, carnelian
  • Approx. 800 raw and natural crystals
  • Tailor-made for you — each crystal lamp is unique
  • Designed and assembled in Estonia

The creation of each crystal lamp takes approximately 1-3 weeks. If in stock, it will typically be shipped within 1-2 days.


This Om Crystal lamp has an OM sign on all four sides. OM is an ancient Indian symbol that has deep and powerful spiritual meaning. OM carries the vibration of the Divine Primary Energy.

The pattern is formed of carnelian crystals on the background of the sea of glittering clear quartz crystals and citrines.

Benefits of Crystals Used

Clear quartz is considered a master healing crystal. It removes energy blocks in the human aura and charges it with clarity and purity.

Citrine is a powerful crystal of abundance that attracts prosperity, wealth, success and all good things. It helps to connect with the Inner Divinity and ones deeper core. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and innovator that opens and balances the solar plexus and calms down the feelings of fear, depression and nervousness.

Carnelian is a stone of inner power — a warm and supportive stone. It carries the energy of ancient motherhood and helps one stay connected to their inner child. Carnelian balances the sacral chakra and assists in letting go of sadness and fear.

To learn more, please see our Guide to Crystals → or our Guide to Lighting →


Remote Control

Crystal Fragment Size

avg. 1-3 cm / 0,4-1,2 in


38 cm / 15,0 in

Lighting Solution

Paulmann LED with dimmable white light

Number of Crystals

approx. 800 ± 5-15%

Oak Stand

18,5×18,5 cm / 7,3×7,3 in


approx. 7 kg / 15,4 lbs